Why I am on this platform ?


This is your lovely friend Ashutosh Mishra. You can also call me “BHAVARTH“. My respected and lovely readers, I don’t know how much I can be successful to make you understand my presence on this platform ” Pen of Heart “. But I will try my level best to make it meaningful. I am here only for those who really know how to live. People who enjoy the actual moment of beautiful life and want to really laugh with every aspect of life. I am damn sure you really would recognize the hidden happiness which is within yourself and your surroundings. I want you to go with the flow of life but know about your positive energy because it would definitely change your whole process of thoughts, character, and the way of your lifestyle.

Whatever I have mentioned above, you can find here and relate to yourself. When you feel, you can share your thought, stories, incidents with me. I am sure you will always feel good by joining me.

Why should you spend time with my actual thoughts ?


  Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana, Yha Kal Kya Ho, Kisne Jana  

I think, there are so many people who know about this song but how many of you really follow the hidden meaning of this? Same like this none of us pay attention to what is happening around us and with ourselves also. Now don’t think so much, come with me to unlock the locks of bad thoughts, daily life’s obstacles, and stress. Come, make a key of happiness and smile.
I will be thankful to all of them who came here because I really want to know about you and your shared stories because everyone has a story. I know there is not enough time to read books this hectic life but everyone has other options like Mobile, Laptop, LED. So what are you thinking now? Come here, give me your precious time and I guarantee, I would never let you disappoint here. You will really get satiate your quench of whatever you have and will have been satisfied yourself when are getting off from here.

Why have I chosen the "Pen of Heart" for my Blog's name ?

I feel so that where exist or breathe all emotions like: Anger, Happiness, Hate, etc and through these emotions every action-reaction which happens with every single second around us. Our body and mind react in a different kind of ways by these emotions. Behalf of these we imagine anything, observe the world, create our thought world and we can make an amazing story by any single thought. I am damn sure, you will have to agree with me this thing that without emotions you can’t express yourself to others. You all know it’s our heart who holds all the emotions, spirituality, sacredness, honesty, and nourish them. I can’t think or write a single word without these. My heart relates with my soul and whatever my soul feels, I write to Pen of Heart and will keep writing always for you. I just want to say – ” If you feel or listen to your heart, you never might be wrong.”

There is only one way to feel the beauty of this Nature, understand human behavior and mutual relationships between two or more people. It’s our heart who gives us the light of divinity and purity to see the honesty, truthfulness of this world and it makes my vision larger to largest to see beyond my this beautiful world’s canvas. I get a divine power to convert a single emotion or thought into a very exciting, interesting, and beautiful story. It gives me the to clarity think and imagines life. Through it, I can connect myself with every incident whatever happens around us. I am humbly very thankful to all of you who visit here again and again and encouraged me to do the right thing. Thanks to everyone!!

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