A Goldsmith in a Fish Net


           The year 2020 has brought an epidemic like Corona to the whole world. Many people had a lot of expectations from this new year and there were a lot of dreams, hopes, but the hopes of most of the people were over with the passing of half a year. Many financial and social problems came front of the whole world. Many people lost their jobs. People also started having difficulties in living their normal life. The lowest section of society have the most suffering , which we can also call poor. There are some people in this section, whose life was being spent daily in earning and eating. Fishermen are a part of this , who catch and sell fish everyday and take care of their family. These people mostly live on the banks of the river and spend entire days in the rivers fishing with their boats. Many times the boat is their own and there are some poor fishermen who take boats on hire and go to catch fish. Today I want to tell you the story of one such fisherman named Dashrath.

        Dashrath lives in a mud house a little away on the banks of the river Yamuna. In his family there are five members as mother, wife, an unmarried sister, a son and a daughter. Dashrath has responsibility of five family members. On normal days, he goes fishing with a rental boat and from what he gets by selling it, he goes to his house with the rest money by paying the boat rent. During lockdown the sale of fish is over due to non-opening of shops. Now-a-days he catches fish and brings with him,   some fish are kept by himself and some fish are given to the owner of the boat. Fishing is his ancestral work but Dashrath dosn’t want his son to do the same thing and wasted all his life in fishing . Dashrath wishes that his children being educated and live a better life than him, so Dasharath never takes his son with him for his help. Dashrath became weak with body due to lack of food for several days. Still, he has to go for fishing today. Dashrath goes for fishing in river Yamuna.

          Dashrath reaches the middle of the river and takes out his net for fishing . The water of the river has also cleared and numbers of fish have also increased in river, so fish were likely to be found easily. But today, after trying for many hours by coincidence, few numbers of fish are found and Dashrath gets frustrated. Now the sun is very bright in midday, Dashrath tried one more chance before left fishing. This time he throws the net deep and starts pulling fast, now he feels weight in the net and the net comes up. A lot of garbage with some fish are seen in net. Dashrath reaches the shore with his boat and starts cleaning the net. After the fish take out, he started watching the garbage and he finds that there is a metal in it. He gets a surprise when cleaned metal with water because that metal is a neck chain with a locket. After seeing its brightness he guesses that it is gold chain, but is unable to trust his luck. Dashrath quickly reaches to home and get relax. Today he remembers his childhood days. How Dashrath went for fishing with his father hundreds of times, but till date nothing had ever happened that ever there was anything like gold item has received. But he was more convinced that it could not be gold because chain was heavy in weight. He estimated that the weight of the chain would be 150–200 grams. But he could not get it checked now because there was a fear of disclosing this secret to neighbors and the jewelry shops are still closed due to lockdown.

           He narrated the whole incident to his wife Radha. Radha could not believe it, but Radha was feeling too that it’s gold chain . Now  Dashrath started dreaming of the future of that chain everyday . He started thinking that if it’s gold chain then it will be at least 6 to 7 lacs and it will fulfill my many dreams and  If it’s not gold chain then life is going on. After that he starts remembering his responsibilities. How long has his mother had problems with her eyes and has not been able to get her mother treated used to be . He still has to arrange his sister’s wedding, grooms is not ready till when there is no arrangement of dowry. Children also have an dark future. If he had money, he would have sent him to study in the better school. Wife, Radha That lady never said anything till date, poverty steals the tongue of the mouth. If I had saved some money from it, I would have taken a fine boat, for how long I would have to row a rented boat. All the earnings go into the rent. It can be gold chain also because the design of the locket and chain is the same. After all, when will this lockdown open and jewelry shops will open.

gold chain
Image credit- shannon VanDenHeuvel

            After some days, that day has come, today The lockdown was over and now Dashrath thought that I should now check it and sell it, Must try. But I should not try to sell this chain nearby, lest someone recognize it and i get into trouble . With all this I have to go wearing nice clothes or else the goldsmith can doubt me that it’s a stolen chain. After wearing his best clothes, Dashrath is ready to walk to a jewelry shop in a market far away from home. Then Radha’s sixth sense awakened, she said – Look, it is not right to carry a chain and locket, can be a bad decision. It’s simple you should take locket only and trying to sell it. Dashrath realized his mistake and left for jewelry shop with only a locket.

           Dashrath arrived at Market and waited outside the oldest jewelry shop , M/s Bhagwan Das Jewelrs to meet when there will be goldsmith only at the shop. After a while, when all the customers have gone from the shop then he entered inside the shop  with confidence. After meeting Goldsmith, he told his manipulated story.

Dashrath – Seth ji, The thing is that my mother is very serious and I need a lot of money for her treatment. I do not have that much money, so I have to sell my family jewelry, if you help me, my mother will be treated.

            When Goldsmith first saw Dashrath, he doubted but thought that he would see what it brought. Goldsmith said – First show what you have brought, then I will see what I can do. Dashrath took out the locket from an old cloth and gave it to Goldsmith. When Goldsmith checked the locket, it was made of pure old gold. Goldsmith said – Look, it is made of gold and it will cost around 50k, but I will not be able to give it more than 25k. Dashrath was very happy. Hiding his happiness, he said – See Seth ji, I am in a lot of trouble so I am selling my family gold. So that I can get my mother treated and if you give me a good price, then I will also bring the chain of its set which is expensive. A lot of money is being spent treating my mother. Goldsmith had a greed in his mind that more gold would be mine. Goldsmith said- Look, I will be able to give you 35k maximum, this is my last price. If you wish, you can take your locket without a deal. Dashrath thought it is not right to go to any other shop and agreed deal. He took 35k rupees and said – When I need more money, I will be back to you with the chain.

             Dashrath left the shop. He still could not believe that he had 35k rupees and he started finalizing the list of all his dreams. Dashrath came home and told all things to Radha and both were very happy. Now both started planning for the future of the family. But he wanted to spend the money slowly so that no one would be suspicious. Dashrath was very skeptical about gold Chain as to how he would go to Goldsmith regarding Chain as the weight of Chain was much more than Locket. Radha said that there is risk in carrying the chain to Goldsmith. Dashrath said to Radha that Goldsmith is a good man, how he gave me money easily in lieu of locket. Not all people are bad in the world, some people are also good. He may have paid a little less money but every person is in the market to earn profits. I think I should go to that Goldsmith, There will be no problem.

         Thus after about 20 days Dasharatha once again reaches in the same market with gold chain. He used to wait when shop would be without customers. After about 1 hour, when no one was left in the shop, Dasharatha slowly entered the shop. Goldsmith became happy to see Dashrath. You came after a long time.

Dashrath- Yes , My mother is getting treatment from the money received. Now the doctor told me more medical expenses, so I had to come.

Goldsmith- Show me what you brought.

Dasharatha took out the chain from the old cloth and placed it in front of Goldsmith. Goldsmith took Chain in his hand and matched it with that locket. Goldsmith weighed it on a gold weighing machine. Then he told Dashrath that the design is very old and different. The design of the Chain and Locket are the same. The weight of the chain is about 170gm. Please take 50k rupees.

Dashrath- Ok, When will you give the rest money?

Goldsmith – Rest Money ? Gave what you had to give.

Dasharatha – What ? It costs approx  6-7 lacs then rest of my money.

Goldsmith – I look like an idiot. When you came in that day, I understood that it is not yours either you got it or it was stolen. I gave what i had to give, Otherwise you will get nothing . Take your money and go on .

Dasharatha – Seth ji. My mother will die , Someone does this to someone. Give me the money, If not, return my chain.

Goldsmith – Tell this story to someone else, I know whose gold it is. I gave a lot , if you do more gimmick then I wil call the police.

Dashrath – Seth ji. If I have done any wrong thing, then you are also not doing right. I will not go without money or gold chain as you wish to call.

Goldsmith called the police. After some time Inspector arrives at the shop. The Goldsmith takes-the-edge and tells his story. Seeing the police and their connivance, Dashrath’s confidence is waned. Inspector comes to Dashrath – What is your name ?

Dashrath – Sir, Dashrath.

Inspector – Where did you steal this gold chain ?

Dashrath – It’s my family gold chain, My Mother is very sick, I needed money for treatment so brought it to the Goldsmith.

Inspector – I meet hundreds of people like you everyday. You will tell the reality in the police station. Let’s go.

Dasharatha realizes that he has made a mistake. I should not have to come here and then should have left with what Goldsmith was giving.

Dashrath – Forgive me sir. I made mistake, I found this gold chain in trash. I did not steal it.

Inspector  – Good . If Goldsmith is pity on your situation , then you are ready to fight him too. Take the amount you are paying and go quietly.   Otherwise your will locked up in jail. Never return to this shop .

Dashrath – Ok My god, as you say.

Goldsmith now counts 20k rupees and gives it to Dashrath. Dashrath – Sethji, It’s 20k you have said 50k. Goldsmith – it was then, Inspector sir has left all his important work and has come here, who will pay for his expenses? I had already said that if this matter came to the Police then the loss will be yours. Now get out of here.

          Dashrath escaped slowly from there cursing his luck with 20k rupees. He regrets his mistakes that I should not have hurried. The God gave me a chance but I lost it. Is this my destiny? After reaching home, he gave 20k to Radha’s hand telling the whole story with a sad heart. Radha understands agony of Dashrath. Radha explains – look, we have been given the luck to work hard and earn by The God. What is it less that you got Rupees 55k ? Some of our problems will be solved. Then what if nothing is found and affair of the prison becomes extra. Now forget this and thank to the God. Hearing Radha’s words, Dashrath’s heart becomes light and peace comes to his face.

Image credit - Etienne Boulanger

           On the other hand, after the leave of Dashrath, Inspector and Goldsmith talk begins with smiles.

Inspector – Seth ji, How much it is worth?

Goldsmith – 170 grams sir.

Inspector – What a big deal. How much will be its 50 percent ?

Goldsmith – All blessings of Goddess  Lakshmi and thank you for favour, Once I see how much carat gold is, I tell.

Goldsmith checking gold in all his ways to start is. As he sees in many ways, his face starts getting upset.

Inspector – What happened, What is the matter ?

Goldsmith – Inspector sir, ruined, deceived, lost. There is only gold in the upper layer, the rest is not gold. I had only checked the locket. It was real gold, due to both the designs being similar and I had the greed to get so much gold. I did not check the chain purity.

Inspector – What the hell ? Now you want to grab the whole chain, you are fooling me.

Goldsmith – Shouts at the servants. Look, find the man where he went. Inspector sir, keep this chain on your own, it is of no use to me. He gives it to the inspector.

The inspector left the chain and escaped rapidly. After a while servants returned and told that nobody could tell anything about that man. Looks like he came from outside .

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  2. totally engrossed till end, cogent story touched practicle life. Keep it up…. YEH DIL MANGEY MORE STORIES LIKE THIS……

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