A Simple Miracle

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Just take a look at him, He is coming face to face. No shame, no regret!

That is too much. Does someone taunt such an elder son?

No one may taunt like this, But I will do, as much as I want.

He is our only son!

It is a matter of regret.

Think about it seriously.

I am thinking. Otherwise, he will be pushed out of the house.

When there was an argument with Sharma ji, what was the crime? Is Sharma a saint?

But elder and younger should be considered.

Now leave this topic. I make tea and bring it.

Yes, make tea, Also make snacks. I also bring sweets from the market. Governor is back at home.

Now you have to drink tea or will want to complete Ramayana and Mahabharata now.

     Till then Rimpi runs and comes to her grandfather and sits on his lap. Seeing her, his grandfather’s face has a smile and his grandfather ie Sachin Sinha starts enjoying his granddaughter’s childishness. The reason for Sinha’s displeasure was that his son had debated something with his neighbor.

                Sachin Sinha is working as Head Assistant in PWD Department, Banaras. After two months, he will be 60 years old, meaning that after two months he will retire from his government job. It’s right to say that there is no lack of anything in the life of Sinha ji. His wife Sarla and his daughter-in-law Shikha were both skilled housewives. His two children are Amit and Priyanka. Both are married and Priyanka is happily in her in-laws’ house. He has a nice house in the city and is also the grandfather of two children. In which Rimpi is his favorite and Rinku who is only three years old is very naughty boy. Lord Shiva has fulfilled his every wish in life but there is a twinge which always knocks in his mind. That’s his son, Amit who is unemployed even after he turns 35 years old. Whatever could have been better about Amit’s education, Sinha had done it but still Amit could not get any job. The main reason for not getting a job was that Amit had insisted that he will do a government job like his father. But no one had any idea about when this stubbornness will be fulfilled. Due to this pain, his irritability was increasing as Sinha’s retirement came closer.

          Sinha’s upcoming retirement was putting a strain on him. He was very simple and gentle with all the members of the house. But whenever there was any talk or mention of Amit, there was a trace of bitterness on his face, not wanting to. Sinha ji sometimes used to remember the old times how much he had desires regarding the future of his only son. As time passed, desires became foggy. It is not that he was complaining that Amit did not make his effort. What can he do for which is not in destiny? But when Amit started growing old, he started to realize that maybe Amit has now given up on his efforts. He felt that if Amit had not insisted on a government job, he could have done better in any private job. Then on the insistence of his wife Sarla, their son had to get married. As time progressed, Amit’s family also grew, but he still did not believe that if he was not there, Amit would be able to support the family from current conditions. Now they were being worried about Amit and his family that now their income will also be reduced, so how will everyone’s expenses in the house be spent.

           This morning Sinha got up and soon agreed to go to the office. Officers were coming from the headquarters in the office today. He was the senior-most employee of the office. Whenever any work was stopped in the office, everyone used to consult them. Used to solve these problems very easily. For this reason, he had great respect among his colleagues. Everyone got busy with their work as soon as they reached the office. Even today, when the audit started, there were some mistakes in the work of a new employee, but Sinha ji resolve the whole issue on the basis of his experience. Ultimately, today’s audit was handled very well. The officers also looked satisfied at last.

            Tired all day sinha ji came to his house. Sarla came on seeing him and took the belongings from him etc.

Sarla – Today, you are too late. Get fresh, I make tea.

Sachin- Yes, there was an inspection in the office today, I did tell you.

Sarla- Yes, now I am getting old, sometimes I forget some things.

Then Rimpi came running. Grandpa has come. Grandpa has come. Speaking while sitting in the lap of Sinha ji.

Rimpi- Grandpa, did you bring Barbie for me? I told you about it.

Sachin- My child. Today I forgot but I will bring it tomorrow. Forgive your grandfather today.

Rimpi – No Grandpa, You said the same yesterday. Let it go, i don’t talk to you.

Sachin- Baby, just forgive today and I will definitely get your doll tomorrow.

Rimpi says nothing further, but then Sarla brings tea. While having tea, Sarla says to Sinha Ji- Do you also keep harassing him every day on some pretext. Why don’t you give it without harassing when you bring her doll?

Sachin- If I had given it directly, how long would it sit on my lap? She would go to play with her doll after get it.

     Saying this, he took the doll and gave it to Rimpi. A wave of wonder and joy rang on Rimpy’s face as soon as the doll was seen and she quickly ran with the doll to show her friends. After she left, Sachin get the idea that when he retires after two months, he will be busy with these children all day and old age will be a pass.


           Now a few days were left in retirement of Sachin Sinha. But in the office, he was very busy now these days and worked with full enthusiasm. He wanted that after his retirement, anyone who came to his post should realize that Sinha ji had done all his work till he remained in his post. When he was still busy with his work, the office peon came in front of him in a box with sweets.

Peon – Sir, take sweets.

Sachin picking up sweets – For what?

Peon – You do not know what? Saxena ji’s son has got a job.

Sachin- Great, It’s good. (Then, Saxena ji came.) Many congratulations Saxena ji. Where did he get his job?

Saxena- Sir, He got his job at TCS Company. There is a package of seven and a half lacs.

Sachin- Excellent. You are very lucky that your son has become self- sufficient. Now you will have a lot of support.

Saxena- sir, it’s blessings of all the elders.

Sachin- I had also explained to Amit that he saw work in a private company but he had another thought in his mind. Well, now nothing remains.

     Saxena, was junior to Sinha ji and still had many years left in his retirement. The same thoughts were going on in his mind that how the children of the colleagues are getting stability in jobs and business as time goes on. I am the one who will retire in a few days, but how different are my circumstances.

              Today, the day has finally come, whose countdown was going on in Sachin Sinha’s brain for a year. As soon as he woke up this morning, he took a bath and worshiped in the temple. There was a distinct glow on his face since this morning. It was the brilliance of his brilliant job tenure that he completed today with respect. He wore his favorite shirt and left for his office. There was no work environment in the office today. Everyone was discussing Sinha’s retirement and was spending most of his time with him. Some people were sharing memories, while some people were taking more and more information about her experience. Sinha’s eyes were getting wet several times in the day. Eventually, he was separated from his other family. It was gradually evening and a short farewell ceremony was held in the office itself. The farewell program began. Everyone shared their best memories of Sinha ji. Finally, the office official gave a short speech – Respected Sinha ji and our respected colleagues. Today Sinha ji is retiring from our midst. We all shared a great time with him and did a great job. We all know that retirement is a process we have to follow. I wish Sinha ji the future ahead and hope that he will continue to give the benefit of his experiences from time to time in future too.

            Sinha ji’s farewell program came to an end and then other people shook hands with Sinha ji, some hug. Sinha ji went to go to her house with lots of bouquets and gifts. At home, everyone was waiting for Sinha ji. Everyone was happy that Sinha ji spent a lot of time busy but now he will be able to give time to everyone. It was eight o’clock at night, It was quite late but Sinha had not reached home yet. That is when a call comes from Saxena ji’s mobile on Amit’s mobile.

Saxena- Hello, Amit, I am speaking Sunil Saxena. Quickly reach the city hospital.

Amit – But what happened Uncle? Why? Is everything fine?

Saxena- I got a call from the hospital that Sinha ji has become injured in an accident and did not say anything else. I am also reaching there.

           Amit arrives at City Hospital early. By the time he reached, many people from the office had come. People were talking about different things among themselves. On seeing Amit, Saxena ji quickly came to him and said crying – son, Your father is no longer among us. Hearing this, Amit sat there on the ground and drowned in tears. Slowly the conversations of some office people were being heard.

First man- Sinha ji was a very good man and had retired today. But who can fight with fate? How did this accident happen?

Second man – The eyewitnesses said that he had been lost in various thoughts. He could not see the truck coming to the intersection and the accident happened.

Third man – What was destiny, it happened but the reward is that this incident happened today. if it was happen tomorrow, it was bad luck. Now at least his son will get a government job. The family will get financial support. He had a great desire that his son should self-sufficient in some work. May his soul rest in peace.

Image credit- Hunter Newton

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