A stranger in Rajdhani Express

rajdhani express

             In that evening, the railway clock was showing 4.00 o’clock at the New Delhi Railway Station. That day I was traveling to my home town Prayagraj by Rajdhani Express which was going from New Delhi to Kolkata. I had just reached on my seat in coach because arriving on time in Delhi’s traffic is nothing short of an achievement in itself. Almost all the passengers had arrived in the coach and The train was ready to move in 5 minutes. I was not able to settle down yet when a stranger girl on the side seat in front of me said to me – Excuse me. Please adjust your luggage, I have to settle my luggage. I had a look at the girl. The girl was about 27 years old, in Crop Top, Sport Shoes and Ripped Jeans (which was a more ripped to current fashion ) looked like a modern, playful and energetic girl from a metro city. Seeing her, i realized that it is better to arrange my belongings than to say something to her. I was quite tired and due to this I had come to a state of rest by lying on my upper berth. Our train was now moved.

           Gradually, all the passengers were settled to their seats. At that time I heard a voice, Can i sit here with you because my seat is not vacant? That Modern Girl said warmly – ya ya sure. Hi, I am Risha Mukherjee and you? The second girl said – I am Sanvi. Risha’s voice was so excited that she had found a scapegoat for her journey. All the passengers around started seeing her after hearing her voice,. Then the warmth with which the two met made it clear that I would no longer be able to rest in the journey ahead. The Rajdhani Express train provides complementary catering also. Train attendants start serving snacks and refreshments on all passengers. All passengers start taking advantage of this service. Now the most interesting aspect of this journey, ie, the conversation between Sanvi and Risha begins which not only I, but every around passengers were listening to.

            Risha and Sanvi took their snacks and started it. Risha started talking to Sanvi.

Risha- You can take this juice if you want, The thing is that I don’t like juice.

Sanvi- OK.

Risha taking butter from Sanvi’s plate said- Can I take butter from your plate. I like butter toast a lot. ( I laughed seeing Risha’s confidence )

Sanvi: Yes of course.

Risha- By the way, where are you going?

Sanvi- I am going to Kanpur. I am doing internship under a fashion designer in Delhi and I am going to meet my family and what about you?

Risha- Wow, it is a very good thing that you are independent too like me. I am going to Kolkata to meet my family. Here I work in an M.N.C. in Delhi last three years, but it has been six years while living in Delhi. Are your parents live in Kanpur?

Sanvi- Yes, my parents live in Kanpur but I am going to my son and husband in Kanpur.

Risha wonders – Are you married and have a son? You do not look married at all. Wow, what a life? You are so lucky that your life has been settled and got stability in your life. You have no tension about life. ( To be honest, I didn’t feel to see that Sanvi is married. )

Sanvi- There is nothing like that, it’s very common.

Risha – Your life is settle, my friend. This is not so common. What can I tell you now else? All the things in my life are so messed that I am often disturbed by these things. Don’t understand what is going on in my life. Whatever desires I have from my own life, nothing is being fulfilled.

            After saying this, Risha becomes silent and looks towards the window. Her peace was astonishing to me that was not being matched with her personality. Ever since I saw her she was talking too much. Risha now folds her two legs and sits comfortably on the seat. After seeing her, Sanvi starts to sit comfortably too and looks towards Risha with the hope of hearing something. Risha sits quietly for a while and then starts speaking.

Risha- I am going home because my parents want to introduce me to a man for my marriage. I am the youngest member in the Mukherjee family. I have a older married sister. For this reason my parents want to agree me for marriage and be free from their responsibilities. I am very worried about stability in my life. I am 28 years old now. I have a boy friend who stays with me for last two years and I love him very much. Initially, when he came to live with me, I also needed a roommate. For the last few months ago, he has left his job and I am taking all his expenses. He doesn’t feel to ask me, so I keep money in his wallet. I love him so much that I am ready to do everything for him. But sometimes I feel, he is not serious about me. This year he did not remember my birthday too. Earlier everything was fine but now things have been changed enough. Perhaps he is upset with no job or i don’t know. What’s in his mind He never even tells me. ( Hearing Risha’s words, I realized that my guess was unilateral about Risha but from the inside she also thinks like a normal woman. She is indecisive about her love.)

Sanvi: If he loves you, then his behavior towards you is not normal. You are right in your side but we should also be practical in our life.

Risha- That’s my problem. The love I am looking for never get me. He is my third boyfriend. Everything was fine with my first boyfriend, but slowly he became very aggressive with me. Once it happened that he slapped me. Then I left him. After that, I used to feel good about my second boyfriend. I loved him but one day I came to know that he was cheating on me. He had affairs with many girls. We can only struggle with our situations. I work in a good company. I have a good salary. I am with my boyfriend in every way but I realize that he is not with me in any way.

Sanvi: I can understand your problem, but you also have to accept the reality. That boy is not deserving for you. You are doing so much for him and he cannot do it for you so that you feel good. I think it is a one-sided relationship.

Risha – At the moment, there are circumstances that I pay rent of flat, I also bear all the expenses of the house. I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for him and he is just enjoying everything. One day, I had to reach my office soon and I could not cooked lunch. He called me and annoyed me a lot in the afternoon. He is now feeling his rights over all these things. When his parents came, I had to pack my things and go to my friend’s flat and he enjoyed everything like a landlord for a week. I was also uncomfortable with my friend because why I left my flat and came to live there. I am tired of all these. My family members are worried about my marriage but I can’t marry a stranger. I don’t understand whether I should marry my boyfriend or not.


Sanvi-You are still thinking about marrying him. You are a good girl at heart but you are stupid. You are Confused. You don’t even realize that the boys whom you have met till now were not deserving for you. You have to identify yourself. You are a twentieth century girl. You do not need anyone who does not care about you.

I was in my thoughts about what I think of Risha, An educated girl of independent thoughts who has failed to understand emotions and situations. Risha had two characters, one who showed the world as a modern girl and the other was like a very ordinary girl from inside. Whatever it was, but I felt that it was not going well with Risha. I sympathized with Risha so that my thoughts had changed. Now i think that Risha is a good girl.

Risha- You are right. I have to identify myself for what I am. Whenever I call him from my office, he is busy with his friends. He is enjoying his life. He has even given up trying for his job. A few days ago, I became a little annoyed by his behavior. I told him to leave the flat. Since then his behavior has been fine, but even then my mind is still not satisfied. I do not understand whether there is any improvement in it or pretend.

Sanvi was quite surprised and angry after hearing so these. Sanvi realized that I would have to make reality check to this girl. The words of Risha were also surprising to me that what is it, naivete or stupidity.

Sanvi- You are really an idiot who is still in the illusion that something will change. You are expecting that a hopeless and jobless boy will become your life partner. It’s a truth that he is misusing you. If you favor someone for a long time, then that person starts understanding his rights on these. You have to get out of this trap. You will have to be evicted him from your flat and life first, when you return to Delhi. You cannot become a puppet of a person who does not have any affection for you. As far as true love is concerned, it is not in anyone’s hands how and when he will get true love. Things that we do not have the answers to, we should leave them for time and God. You should also give one chance to meet that boy whom being like your parents.

Risha- Sanvi, I am feeling good to talk to you. I am very happy that I shared my words with you. As soon as possible , I get rid of my boy friend. I don’t care for anyone who doesn’t care about me. Now I know what to do. Thank you.

            Sanvi puts her hand on Risha’s hand and smiles. Now Risha’s mind is calmed. Then Risha got lost in her future plans. Now my mind is calmed also. I do not know why in some time I started to realize that I am also a part of Risha’s life. I kept pondering over the conversation of the two girls for a long time. How a twentieth century girl who is capable of life in every way, So scattered inside that she is also looking for a stranger to share his problems. Looking for someone who is not judgmental about it and even if it is, doesn’t matter. She didn’t mind who are listening her words, she just wants to be lightened by the burden of these thoughts. When I saw Risha for the first time, I felt that a modern girl who is so independent in fashionable clothes that she does not need anyone. But the fact is that the girl is so confused with the inside that she has no idea of reality. A girl who needs life as a true love in her life so that she can have stability in her life and also be satisfied to her parents. On the other hand, Sanvi, who is in same age, is so matured by thoughts.

Image credit- Marco Chilese

            In these thoughts, train reached at Kanpur railway station. Sanvi gets down at her destination here. Now my destination is also about two hours journey from here. I come down from the seat. The train moves and now train attendants come to all the seats in turn to serve dinner. When the attendant puts my plate in front of me, I look at the seat to sit. On this Risha smiles at me that if you want, you can sit here and have dinner. I sit on the seat opposite her and look at the window. My attention breaks when Risha says me – Hi, I am Risha Mukherjee and you.

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