I want everyone to know about an innocent waiter


        Today I will tell you about a true incident in my life. That I will not forget in my whole life. This incident is 7 years ago. I was in manali with family. Manali was very cold today due to the cold weather and not getting sunlight. Even in this cold season, there was heat in a hotel room in Manali Himachal Pradesh as well as on the faces of the people. There were 5 people in the room. In which i, My wife, my son and hotel manager wearing a Himachali cap and a boy of about 15 years stood like a criminal.

         In the summer of 2013, I went with my family to Himachal Pradesh on a family tour. This was the fourth day of our journey. We almost night at 8 pm  reached Manali from Dharamshala. Manali is very crowded in summer. We reached our hotel, Which was 1 km from Mall Road Main Market. Arriving at the reception in the hotel, we saw that a 15-year-old lean skinny boy, wearing a Nepali hat, was quite cold and was in ordinary clothes and he was working as a waiter in the hotel. The boy, who had given his name Hiten, was hilly, medium in stature and simple. After placing the luggage in our room, Hiten had left our coffee. We finished our coffee and then went out on Mall Road for walking. We returned, finished our dinner and soon fell asleep because the next day we had to go for Rohtang Pass, which was a busy schedule for the whole day.

         The next day, soon after getting up, we were getting ready for our trip. Breakfast was ordered. Knocked at the doorHiten had gone to take breakfast, keeping coffee in the room. Meanwhile, our driver told that if it is late to leave, we will not be able to get a pass today and going to Rohtang will be cancelled. Today was the last stay in Manali according to the schedule and the driver had asked to move 3-4 times. Hiten was behaving like a professional waiter, which I expected less. I was still seeing a photo of Trip on camera. My son was busy on mobile in bed and my wife was getting ready in the bathroom. I took my coffee by putting the camera on the bed and went out of the room to look around. That’s when Hiten came in the room and left our breakfast on table. We had our breakfast and ready to go Rohtang. I told my wife to give the camera so that the photo can be captured on the way. My wife started looking for the camera. Beds, handbags, cupboards, drawers looked all over the room, but the camera was not found. After this I also looked everywhere but could not find the camera. Me and my wife were looking at each other with surprise that where did the camera lose? Only Hiten has come to our room since morning.


      We could not decide how to talk to the hotel manager about this. We were also getting late and camera was also necessary for our trip otherwise our entire journey would remain only in memory. Finally I went to the manager and told the whole incident. The manager came to our room and reviewed the room. The manager told us that this should not happen because Hiten has been working in the hotel for a long time and has never received any complaint about it. Hiten was called. Hiten was astonished and scared, came to our room. He was asked about the camera. There was a lot of emotion on Hiten‘s face as if a human is drowning and there is no way to escape. His mental state was not easy to understand. There must have been a lot of questions in mind. Like what will happen if the camera is not found, somewhere if we call the police or in what family situation is he working the waiter in that hotel.


A waiter in a hotel (image credit - June Liu)

         There was an uncomfortable situation there. After much debate, the manager requested me, Sir, please you check once more. At the request of the manager, I started searching once again. After looking all over the place, when I started searching in the handbag again, which had been seen 3 times before, I showed the camera in inner pocket inside the handbag. I took out the camera and put it in front. The main reason for not getting the camera earlier was that we were in a hurry and the driver had called us several times. In such a situation our functionality is often affected. After this, I cannot write the crime that my family was feeling. We were unable to contact eyes to Hiten. We tried to make this situation as comfortable as we could. I apologized to the manager and Hiten. I even hugged Hiten but still not reducing my guilt.


Snow capped mountain peaks in Rohtang ( image credit- Kishan Upadhyay )

          We had to leave soon, we immediately left the hotel to Rohtang. On the way, I told my wife that it could have been that I would not have taken out the camera while saving my ego and could have said that I would let go or return in the evening and say that the camera had been left somewhere when asked there Then got it. But the charge that was leveled against that boy, I needed to prove myself wrong and remove it, so that my guilt could be reduced. Now our situation was such that we leave Manali as soon as possible. Every coming person who was watching us, it seemed that he is aware of this incident of ours and with this incident we have become famous all over Manali. We returned in the evening and left for Chandigarh the next day. We did not meet Hiten again.


         We learned from this incident that we often judge people from their jobs or financial condition. We already think that if this person is in this situation then he can do this and then sometimes such situations are created which start confirming this. Although such incidents are happening in the society, but we should avoid being predictable to anyone. Now I go to any hotel in any of my travels to stay and when i see the waiter there, then this incident becomes alive before my eyes.

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