An old Letter


            Today, Deepti was in a quandary. The thing was that just ten days ago, she returned from Goa with her family after a vacation and her college tour is being organized next week. Now Deepti had a quandary,  how to convince Papa, because Mummy would not let her go but if Papa agreed then she could have her college tour. By the way, papa almost accepts everything about her, but he will also say that she has just returned from vacations and wanted to go to vacations again in 15 days. But what can do Deepti too, her best friend forced her and says that if Deepti will not go, she will not go either. In these thoughts, Deepti is troubled as to how to prepare Mummy-Papa for this college tour. At this time her brother Vishal has returned to his hostel too. If Vishal had been here, she would have tried to convince parents by her brother’s effort. Deepti thought of a solution, she thought-why don’t I clean Papa’s office. When papa will ask about cleaned office, I will persuade him for my college tour.

           Mr. Varun Kapoor is a well-known architect of Delhi. His wife Mrs. Deepmala Kapoor is a homemaker. Deepti is second child of Mr. And Mrs. Kapoor. The fourth member of the family is Deepti’s brother Vishal who is a third year student B.Tech. Vishal is doing engineering from a reputed college in Mumbai. Overall It can be said that The Kapoor family is an ideal family. Now when Deepti is getting older, her mother often keeps on interrupting and explaining about everything. For this reason, sometimes she gets angry with her mother. Same there she is dearest of Mr. Kapoor and he still considers her as a young child. Deepti is a first year graduate student of a college in Delhi. College tour of the first year students of Deepti’s college is being organised and her friends want Deepti to accompany them. Friend’s request is excuse, the reality is that Deepti herself wants the same because tour with friends is a different tour.

           Deepti comes to office with the purpose of cleaning it. Deepti thinks that it is much time to return Papa and by then the office will be well cleaned. Deepti starts cleaning from one side of the office and cleans the entire office. Finally, if she cleans the racks of books, then she gets free from this task. Deepti takes out books one by one in turn and starts putting them well in a rack. In this, a book falls and an old letter comes out of it. Deepti curiously opens the letter. The letter looks somewhat old. The letter is typed instead of hand written. Deepti starts reading that letter and as soon as she reads it, she sits calmly on the ground. It was written in the letter-

             Dear sister Deepa,

                   I hope you are well. You may be wondering why I am writing a letter to you. This is because so many things happen that they cannot be told over the phone or in front. I also wanted you to understand this thing yourself when you read this letter. Sometimes we are in such a quandary in life that we do not understand how to tell the truth which do not find true even in our mind. This is the way it is and I don’t see any change with this truth. You were my dear sister to me even before and still are. The point is that after I was born, Mummy had a great desire to have a younger sister for me and the doctor advised no pregnancy in view of her health. To fulfill this desire of Mummy, Papa persuaded her and they had adopt you from the orphanage. You were only a few months old when came home and I was also little child. Eventually, Mummy told me all this. Though these things have no meaning now but I just wanted that you should know this truth too. So I thought it appropriate to tell you. I hope, you understand it well now.

                                                                                                your brother

an old letter
An old letter (image credit-Mat Reding)

       After reading this letter, Deepti shocked. For a long time she could not understand anything. What is this destiny? All is changed in a moment. Everything is his own but something has become a bit blurred. But Deepti managed to clean the rack of books and then came to her room with that letter. She darkened her room and was lost in tears and thoughts.

     Deepti recalled a flashback of her entire life from her childhood to the same dark room. She started remembering every incident. Sometimes when a person finds a point, he tries to find the reason behind every thing. Deepti feels that her mother has been prohibiting her from her childhood. If the brother wants to buy anything, it comes immediately and I am told the usefulness of that item. Whatever the brother wants, gets without objection and she has an objections on everything I do. Papa accepts everything that I say, After all I have been adopted to this house by his efforts. I have realized my brother’s birthday is celebrated every year with so much happiness and my, I had to try long enough for that. I also want to go Mumbai for study but she did not let go and permitted to my brother same. All the restrictions are on me because I am not their real daughter, probably that’s why. If the mother had to do this, then what was the need to adopt me. If my mother does not understand me, am I responsible for this? Did I request them to adopt me? Poor Deepti took a nap thinking all this.

         Mr. Kapoor returned home by late evening. He went to his office and saw his cleaned office, he understood that the daughter is going to make a request. When Mr. Kapoor came to the dinner table, he asked Mrs. Kapoor that my office is shining today. Where is Deepti? Mrs. Kapoor told the story from the college tour till now. It was also told that she has been lying in her bed since evening. Mr. Kapoor came to Deepti’s room and said – Why is it dark, my child?

Deepti: Papa, just getting sleepy today.

Mr Kapoor – get up, take the dinner.

Deepti said- Papa, i am not feeling well and not hungry too.

Mr. Kapoor- OK, take little dinner with me.

Deepti – Papa, i don’t feel like eating otherwise I would have eaten.

Mr. Kapoor- Never mind son then relax. My office looks like a changed today. (Smiles) Your mother told about college tour, submit your tour fees tomorrow.

Deepti – did mother agree?

Mr. Kapoor- Yes, she was agree.

Deepti – how can it be possible?

Mr. Kapoor- What do you mean?

Deepti- nothing Dad, Good Night .

               Deepti woke up the next day but the same sadness was on her face. She told her mother that I was not well and spent the whole day in her room. Even if parents asked, she just said that nothing, I am not feeling well. Due to her absent in to college, her best friend Priyanka came to meet her in the evening. There was a lot of turmoil in Deepti’s mind and she was upset with whom to share these with. Presence of  Priyanka at this time was like a blessing for her. Priyanka came to her room and said- Madam, Where are you? Even you are not receiving my calls. Aunt told me that you are not feeling well, so I had to come. What is the matter? You look fine as I see.

Deepti – When your luck is bad then how can you feel well?

Priyanka- How are you talking about these ? Did Uncle Aunty disallow to tour?

Deepti – No, They have agreed.

Priyanka – Is it a bad news? Then start your packing.

Hearing this, Deepti starts crying with Priyanka. Priyanka is shocked by this unexpected behavior. Priyanka- Deepti, What is the matter? Please Tell me, right now. Priyanka takes care of Deepti and makes her calm. Deepti starts speaking after she is calm.

Deepti – I can’t believe that what I am saying but now this is the truth and I have to live with this reality. I am not the real daughter of my parents.

Priyanka- You have gone mad. How can you think like that?

          Deepti showed the letter to Priyanka and told her all the matter and also told how confident she was on this matter. Listening all her matter, Priyanka said – See, even if it is assumed that it is true, what difference does it makes. It will not be easy, but whatever it is, you should forget it. Today, it’s just a fact nothing else, does not change anything. I have known you since childhood and I have never felt this on behalf of your parents. All the things that you are giving examples are in everyone’s life. Mom always scolds and persuades us, It does not make any difference to her relations. Whatever our parents can do for us, they always do. Now you should have to forget these things as soon as possible. If you think this is so important, then you should talk to parents.

Deepti – I can not do that If Mom would have understood the need for this, she would not have told to me, so she would have told the brother. I will try to forget this thing. Anyway, I should not complain to them because they have done everything better for me.

            Deepti had said this, but it was very difficult for her to forget this. On one hand, she had deposited the fees for the college tour, but now Priyanka was the only reason for college tour. She felt that maybe going to Manali could alleviate this tension. Somehow she had spent  a week and done packing without interest. The college tour was scheduled to take place this evening and she woke up late too. Mr. Kapoor left home for work. Deepti was sitting at the dining table, having breakfast in front, but Deepti was lost in her own world. Mrs. Kapoor came and got angry after seeing her behavior for the last one week.

Mrs Kapoor – What has happened to you? If you did not mind going to the tour then what was the need to pay the fees. You keep spending like this without thinking. Your father does not listen to me at all. I already refused. Your are always confused to decisions. You don’t mean anything in this house.

             The dam of patience which has been tied for the last one week now breakdown and Deepti eventually shattered.

Deepti- Mom, you has always been worrying about the money spent by me. Papa thinks of me always, why won’t you. If I were your real daughter then would you still think the same.

Mrs. Kapoor- Have you gone mad? What are you talking like idiots?

Deepti – Mom, I don’t have any complaints from you. All of you who could have done better with an orphan, you did. I probably started thinking so because of expecting too much, but now I know this and there is no use to hide this reality.

Now Mrs. Kapoor became serious and said – My child, tell me. What you are trying to say? I really do not understand. Deepti brings the letter from her room and puts it in Mrs. Kapoor’s hand. Mrs. Kapoor’s eyes become moist after reading the letter. Mrs. Kapoor calms down and Deepti restlessly and impatiently waits for her mother. Finally Mrs. Kapoor starts speaking –

Mrs. Kapoor- My love, It is true that everything about this letter is true, but, that Deepa mentions in this letter, is not you.

Deepti surprised – Who can be?

Mrs Kapoor- The name, Deepa mentioned in this letter is this me. It is two years before. Your grandfather (maternal) had already passed away. This letter was written by my brother to me after your grandmother’s (maternal) death. Your father never gave to me this letter. After reading this letter your father told me about it, explained and comforted my thoughts but never showed me. I can understand that when it came to your mind that you are not our daughter, what would have you feel because this is my reality. But even knowing this truth, I never doubted the love and affection of my parents for me. It was just a truth of a line and nothing else. But the problem is that, how can you doubt the behavior of us. What is the lack in our love and upbringing that you say about such things? You are a piece of our soul.

mother daughter
(Image credit- Mohamed Hassan)

      After hearing all these things, Deepti tears up and she regrets her childishness. Deepti speaks- Mom, Please forgive me what I said. Mom, the reality is that I am not as strong and intelligent as you and I accepted this deception as a truth and made such a mistake. This mistake of mine will forever be a regret in my life.

     After this, Deepti and Deepmala hugged and wept for a long time. Then Deepmala calmed down of herself and said that if you don’t packing for Manali at the earliest, otherwise your essential goods will be missed. Deepti smiles looking at Mom, she kisses a kiss on her mother’s cheek then go to her room.

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