Blessings of a Father

a father

              Today, It was as usual a burdensome evening. The sun was in hurry to set off in the earth folding its arms. It was just 6 o clock evening. Lights were getting on slowly at the shops in the markets and the rush started growing. Manav and his son are seated in their own thoughts in a room in a small house. When the sound of ginger pounding came out of the kitchen, the attention of both of them went towards the clock. Manav saw outside the window that it was evening. Manav had the same condition for a few days here due to his situations. A few days ago, Manav’s son Shivam had cleared a medical entrance, but his problem was not to have a success of his son but rather how his admission would now be done in the college. We can make efforts in our life but the results are not in our palms.

             Manav Chaubey was a normal employee in a private company in this small town. In this job, Manav tried to do everything he could for his family. He tried to fulfill every wish of his children which he did not inherit. Manav had only two children – elder daughter Shivani and younger son Shivam. Manav did never compromised on anything for his children’s education, Sports, fooding, entertainment etc. At that threshold of age when now pension to them only two years were left to start, He married his daughter with great pomp only last year. It is a different matter that as his aging, so did the amount of funds decreased as well as the smile of his children’s face increased.

     Just two years ago, Shivam’s Intermediate result came that day and he was very happy. Shivam not only came to the top rank in his college but he was also named in the merit of the district. After results, Manav became glad about Shivam and he was applauded for his efforts.

Manav- son, I am very happy with your result. Tell me, what do you want?

Shivam – Nothing papa, It is just a matter of regret that if i get 03 more numbers, I might be the topper of the district.

Manav- Never mind, this was not the last exam. Exams will continue to come further, you should always keep trying to do better.

Shivam was very close to his father. Taking his success as an opportunity, Shivam spoke to Manav.

Shivam- Papa, I want to say something.

Manav- Say, my son, What do you want to say?

Shivam- Papa I want to be a doctor in future. I want to do medical preparation after intermediate. My friends are going to Delhi for good medical coaching. I also want to go Delhi for preparing but ……

Manav- It’s okay, What’s the problem?

Shivam – Papa medical preparation is an expensive study. The fee for coaching alone is about 60 thousand rupees and food & lodging, The cost of copy books will be around Rs 7-8 thousand per month. Papa, I know the circumstances of the house. I’m sorry I can’t help you any more. I also wanted to teach tuition, but you never allowed me and say that I should focus on my studies only.

Manav- So what is the big deal in this, if you want to become a doctor, then prepare and work hard for it. My Son, you are aware of our conditions, that’s everything for us.

Shivam- Papa, it may be also that I can stay here and prepare for medical entrance.

Manav- Why will you prepare here when good coaching in Delhi. Tell me, when will you going to Delhi.

Shivam- Papa, I am thinking that if possible, I should leave for Delhi by the end of this month.

Manav- My Son, whatever you want to do, do it well by doing your best. Conflict in life is the motivation to move forward. Get your train reservation for Delhi, When you have to go.

           After hearing these Shivam’s face smiled with mixed expressions. But the easier it was, the more difficult it was to solve, because a person can turn his face from reality, but he has to face it. Manav, sitting in the same thoughts, was thinking that his wife Sudha came to him and said – where will you arrange this money? How would you arrange it in twenty thousand salaries of the month?  

Manav – The future of children is more important. Their good future will be the result of our actions and this is what we want. For this, we have to cut our expenses. House rent, electricity, water, etc. expenses cannot be reduced but newspaper can be discontinued. Tea can be drunk once a day. My office is near our house, it can be travelled by bicycle.

Sudha- You are right, but when I have come to this house since ever, I saw how you have always thought of us first by ignoring your needs. I remember when you had a problem going to the office from a bicycle but you bought a laptop for children instead of taking a bike for yourself. Our whole life was spent in these struggles. We tell our problems to you but you don’t share your problems with anyone. Now at this age, you will go to the office from the cycle, it will not be seen by me.

Manav: Now we will have to make arrangements. After all, it’s a question about the future of our son. Our time has passed. There is a struggle in every person’s life. I will withdraw some money from the provident fund. Even more, cannot be withdrawn from the fund, Shivani has to get married. We have solutions, they just need to think differently. Anyway, cycling is good for health. Some degree of worry and nervousness of Sudha’s face now faded after listening to these confident words of Manav. But Sudha was seeing the reality for so many years.


            Manav not only motivated the children for education and sacraments but always tried for the better. In the eyes of Manav, education and sacraments of children was an investment whose maturity was always reflected in the faces of Shivani and Shivam. Shivani’s higher education was completed. A year ago, he did Shivani’s marriage in a well-educated family. Shivani’s in-laws were influenced by Shivani’s education and culture. Manav had left nothing short of his standard in the marriage. Everyone was happy and satisfied with her marriage. Shivani also looked satisfactory towards this marriage. At the same time, Shivam was a promising student and had all the abilities to become a good doctor. Shivam was quite close to his destination but indirectly the circumstances of the house and the financial condition of his father seemed to be hindering it.

Two years ago the situation was different, but today it is something else. Manav realized that after Shivani’s wedding, how are the circumstances of the house now. But Shivam was also very close to his destination. Manav was confused in Shivam’s future and his own present. These things had troubled Manav as to what are the options for this situation. He did not know anything of day and night in these complications. Then Sudha entered the room and saw that both Shivam and Manav were lost in their thoughts.

Sudha – It’s half past six. Tea is ready and where are both of you missing.

Shivam- Papa, I am thinking that I should prepare for civil services after getting admission in B.A.

Manav- My son, What are you talking about. You want to be a doctor. You spent two years preparing. You have got a good rank and you have got a good college too. You spend your two years of hard work for this and now the idea of ​​doing B.A., where has come from.

Shivam- Papa this is also a good option and I am sure I can do it.

Manav- We also believe that you can do this, but when we do something according to our will, then we make it excellent. Your dedication towards your medical states that you will become one of the best doctors of the future. Then why did you have the idea of doing B.A.

Shivam – Papa, Five years of medical college and hostel fees cost a total of ten lacs rupees and I also know this.

Manav- We are also aware of how much you care about us, but you should move forward. We all have a good future. How long will you get your college letter?

Shivam- Papa it should come in eight to ten days because admissions will start in fifteen days.

Manav- I have arranged everything. The one who teaches us to move on the way, also leads to the destination. So take your tea now and prepare for  your admission Shivam was in skeptical but his hope was stronger tahn his skepticism. Shivam goes to his room after his tea while Sudha is standing calmly listening to the conversation between son and father.

Sudha came to Manav and said- Where did the ten lacs rupees came from? After Shivani’s marriage, there was no money left in the provident fund.

Manav – This time, I have sold all the land in the village and has taken a loan on the house there. There is great happiness hidden in the future of every present sacrifice. Now you tell me when we see Shivani happy in her family, do we get happiness or not.

Sudha – and we …….. what shall we do now in this old age.

Manav looked up (remembered God) – there is a pension, we will survive.

Sudha – how will the remaining life be pass with empty-handed neither land nor house?

Manav- This is the victory of the struggle of life. Our children are our achievements and Shivam is the investment of our lives, our capital. This is the duty of parents towards children.

Slowly fifteen days had passed and today Shivam was to leave for his admission. Shivam comes to his father and talks to him.

Shivam- Papa, I have to leave for the college by train in this evening. If the arrangement of fees …

pair chhuna

Manav took out the draft of fees from his pocket and placed it on Shivam’s hand. Seeing the draft, Shivam jumped with joy and hugged his father. Shivam now went to his room with great enthusiasm and started packing himself. After some times, Shivam brings his belongings to his parents.

Shivam- Mummy, Papa, My friend has come with a taxi, now I will leave for the train.

Shivam takes blessings by touching his parents’ feet with his moist eyes and leaves the house. Sudha and Manav are satisfied to see happiness on their son’s face. Both give lots of blessings to their son.

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