Loneliness, Me and my Coffee


Loneliness, Me And My Coffee.

Many times in life it happens that when we look back, many people are left behind. We realize that person should be with us today, but it’s not possible because time has passed. We want to drink a cup of coffee with that person from past which company makes it world’s best coffee but that one is not with you so you drink your coffee alone.

I drink a cup of coffee alone,

Glad I still alive.

Removing some old tattered clothes,

I sew them myself.

Some your letters were kept for a long time,

I am revealing their meaning again.

Counting the stars all night,

When do I go to sleep in take turns ? don’t know.

I sit in front of the mirror,

I find myself but I lose you.

These days,

I drink a cup coffee alone.

Now what can you do in such situations of life ,
Just have good coffee and enjoy your coffee

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